Where to Obtain ISO 20000

The two ISO 20000 standards (ISO 20000-1 and ISO 20000-2) can be obtained in two forms:

1. As 'Stand Alone' Downloads

The two standards can be purchased and downloaded straight to your PC via BSI's Standards Direct online store. This transacts via a secure server through the following link:

ISO 20000 Downloads

2. As Part of the ISO 20000 Toolkit

The other route is to purchase the standards, again online, as part of the ISO 20000 Toolkit. In addition to both standards, this includes a wide range of support materials, including a detailed service management guide, an assessment kit, as draft template for an SLA, and so on.

Again, download is straight to your PC. The kit is described in detail on its own dedicated website:

ISO 20000 Toolkit





ISO 20000 Central
The ISO 20000 Central portal is the independent source of information to support both standards in this series. We hope that by providing access to both data and resources, it will have been significant use. If, however, you have any suggestions regarding additional content, please let us know.

Coming Soon
As new resources emerge to support the implementation of standards, we will provide access to the pick of them from this page. Please bookmark it, and return frequently.

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